Max Loves His Time With Amy

Amy has worked on all of my horses for many years. I have found the results to be remarkable both for my competition horses with chronic issues as well as starting work early on my young horse Max. Fortunately, Max is too young for chronic issues. However, I have seen and felt the benefits of Amy’s work in so many ways with other mounts, we wanted to get him (Max) started with her ASAP. Max is obviously growing, and working with him each step along the way has already proven so very important for his balance, strength and overall comfort as his body parts are fitting together in different ways on different days. He has made progress with each session. In addition, he has become very comfortable with the process. Amy’s kind and intuitive way with him as a baby has made, and continues to make a world of difference. She has always been like family to us, and having her be a part of Max’s life from the beginning deepens that bond.

Max loves his time with Amy and follows her out when she is leaving him. I cannot emphasize enough how much her education, expertise and dedication mean to us and our horses. Max might not be her “smallest” client any longer… but he has certainly appreciated her work from small stature and a very young age!!!

Kate Johnson-Bergman