Equine Photonic Therapy

Could photonic therapy be right for your horse?  Over the years we have been conditioned to become a “take a pill” oriented society. It often seems we have been led to believe that we must take drugs to cure illnesses and conditions, and alternative therapies are rarely prescribed. By contrast, photonic therapy and The Touch and Torch Method™ (TTM™) is totally natural, without side effects and often with quicker results because it energizes the body’s own healing centers at the cellular level.

Due to a lack of understanding, many horse owners don’t realize that photonic therapy works. This method of treatment has not gained nearly the recognition it deserves. The need for exposure and education in this area is important. Through education, this treatment may be used with knowledge and confidence, erasing any misconceptions and doubts.

Discoveries in photonic therapy have been remarkable, yet these discoveries have virtually been ignored as a viable alternative to standard methods of equine healing. I want to make my recent discoveries and prior research with photonic therapy available to all horse owners and equine professionals, and the sooner, the better. Even if drugs or surgery are the best option of treatment, photonic therapy can, and will, reduce healing time. Many conditions can be treated successfully using photonic therapy only. What we all want for our horses is the best, least invasive, least traumatic, fastest healing, natural treatment that is available.

Seeing is believing!

The discoveries, as well as the successful results can be astounding, which led to the formation of TTM™. This method has been done on foals born with contracted tendons (ALD), and has since expanded to include many other conditions including, but not limited to; tendon, ligament, and joint conditions, wounds, scar tissue, proud flesh, arthritis, and almost every equine ailment known.

For example, after using TTM™ on external wounds, healing occurred approximately two to three times faster, with no swelling or infection. And NO proud flesh! This speedy healing process can eliminate the need for stitches, antibiotics, and weeks and weeks of wound care, expense and stress in many cases. When TTM is used in tendon and ligament conditions, healing, or length and laxity begin with the first treatment, and results can be seen immediately. Inflammation and swelling can be flushed and dissipated before your eyes, as with arthritis or injuries. TTM™ is not a complicated procedure, the horses enjoy it, and the healing benefits are huge.

We should embrace nature’s healing process and be in harmony with nature in all aspects of our relationship with horses. Communication, handling, training, riding, feeding and care are all crucial factors. Many horse enthusiasts want to know more about  natural and effective methods of healing.

Natural oriented horsemen and women know that you always offer the easiest option first and then phase up from there. We should not start with phase 4 and phase down to 1.  We should offer the “easiest” treatments first in our equine healing plan. TTM™ is effective, inexpensive, non-traumatic, and non-invasive which makes it a great choice as the viable first option of treatment.

We can, as natural equine enthusiasts educate ourselves about TTM™, and ask our equine professionals be open to, and even trained in all the new treatment alternatives available including photonic therapy and TTM™. It’s crucial to having more ‘arrows in your quiver’. We owe it to our horses to be better educated in photonic therapy and include it as part of that decision making process.

As equine owners, enthusiasts, and professionals, we have the power to help horses with this new, natural, innovative healing treatment and help end the unnecessary suffering of many horses.