Equine Bodywork Services

What We Do

Your horse may be your partner, best friend, athlete, confidant or pet; regardless of their place in your life they all must adapt to the confines of domestication.  The horse, as a prey animal, has evolved with the ability to hide injury and tension that may cause pain.  Their survival depends on it.

With the jobs we have given them they are still unlikely to show the early signs of injury or pain.  Unavoidable muscle tension and stress can therefore build up, causing limited range of motion, joint damage and changes in temperament.

Through my year of working with horses and studying multiple modalities I have found the best results are realized by allowing the horses responses to guide a soft touch to help release accumulated tension from poll to tail.  Achieving relaxation and trust are key contributors to the horses’s ability to avoid the instinct to flee or brace during the work. This allows improved range of motion, emotional stability and release tension in soft tissue to promote healing and keep your horses comfortable, healthy, invigorated and able to perform at their best.

I’ve been certified in and learned several modalities, all of which have given me the tools for my practice, but the horses have been my best teachers.  As I remain willing to listen and open to what their form of communication the educational process is never ending.

Important Information: Please Read

At Sterling Equine Bodywork, the well-being or your horse is our primary concern. We believe in a common goal: Keeping your Horse performing at th highest level.

Sterling Equine Bodywork is a wellness service that is valauble supplement to the care provided to your horse by your veterinarian. It is very important to note bodywork is for the healthy horse. It is for improving general wellness and peak performance in your horse. Our bodywork services and care should always be accompanied by balanced nutrition, training, properly fitted equipment, and regular veterinary, dental and farrier care from qualified practitioners.

Our equine bodywork services are designed to reduce discomfort, improve movement and enhance performance in a healthy horse. It is critical that you understand as an Equine Bodyworker, Sterling Equine Bodywork does not diagnose or treat any type of disease, nor are our wellness bodywork services a substitute for veterinary care or treatment. As such We are not able to perform bodywork on any horse that is not in good health or has any injury in the acute stage.

If you are in doubt about the physical health of your horse, please consult your veterinarian.