• My New Website

    I am just getting started with my website. If you have already found my website, please be patient I have tons more content coming very soon. I’ll be featuring articles about the importance of good bodywork to the health and happiness of your horse. I’ll also include articles crucial to maintain the health of a beautiful strong and happy horse. If you are interested in my equine bodywork services please call or email me using the info on my contact us page.

  • Equine Photonic Therapy

    Could photonic therapy be right for your horse?  Over the years we have been conditioned to become a “take a pill” oriented society. It often seems we have been led to believe that we must take drugs to cure illnesses and conditions, and alternative therapies are rarely prescribed. By contrast, photonic therapy and The Touch and Torch Method™ (TTM™) is totally natural, without side effects and often with quicker results because it energizes the body’s own healing centers at the cellular level. Due to a lack of understanding, many horse owners don’t realize that photonic therapy works. This method of treatment has not gained nearly the recognition it deserves. The…