• Max Loves His Time With Amy

    Amy has worked on all of my horses for many years. I have found the results to be remarkable both for my competition horses with chronic issues as well as starting work early on my young horse Max. Fortunately, Max is too young for chronic issues. However, I have seen and felt the benefits of Amy’s work in so many ways with other mounts, we wanted to get him (Max) started with her ASAP. Max is obviously growing, and working with him each step along the way has already proven so very important for his balance, strength and overall comfort as his body parts are fitting together in different ways…

  • My New Website

    I am just getting started with my website. If you have already found my website, please be patient I have tons more content coming very soon. I’ll be featuring articles about the importance of good bodywork to the health and happiness of your horse. I’ll also include articles crucial to maintain the health of a beautiful strong and happy horse. If you are interested in my equine bodywork services please call or email me using the info on my contact us page.